Private sessions

Soul Journey
45min – 40$

A journey like no other who will let you get in contact with your true self. During this very interesting voyage, you will go to many different places, have many different experiences and have the possibility to get answers from your own higher mind.

This interactive journey is very unique; everyone will always have a different one. You may get to see your spirit guides, your power animals, you may feel a tremendous amount of love, but one thing you definitely will experience is a deeper connection with your true self. It is a journey filled with surprises that will help you to become more of who you really are.

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Star Magic Healing
30min- 30$

Star Magic is an ancient modality of healing that is now coming back as we awaken and re-connect with these higher energies and frequencies. It is a form of quantum healing which can work from anywhere in the world, and can liberate someone from countless distortions in their field. It can heal “past” lives traumas, remove energetic attachments, shadow parasites and entities. It has the potential to start the process of light body activation, crystalline DNA activation, calibration to higher frequencies, and so much more.

 A combination of 5 key ingredients creates this beautiful and magical experience: Love, Intention, Knowing, Imagination and Light. With these 5 ingredients, miracles can happen. This is one of the best things someone could do to raise their frequency. And it can also work for all sorts of ailments, pains, aches, and other non-preferable state of being. All you need to do while it is happening is to get in a relaxed state, away from disturbances to the best of your ability, and do your best to stay hydrated in the days leading to the session and after also. Star Magic is powerful 🙂

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Empower your life private call
30/60min – 25/50$

This is a 1-on-1 call with me in which we dive into the different ways you can empower your life, live with constant abundance, release beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you, and just feel joy for life.

It is through a method of questions and answers that we get to the root of some of the things holding you back from living the life you prefer and unleash your true potential. No session is ever the same, we can tackle all sorts of difficulties you may have in your day-to-day and shine light on how these can be transmuted to the positive, releasing attached emotions and becoming more and more of who we really are.

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These sessions can be very powerful, and good preparation is really key to get the best out of your sessions. Most of the things I talk about in the recommendation section of the website are going to be useful as preparation for these sessions, but I want to put an emphasis on a few other things. When you do high energy work like with these sessions, it is really capital to stay hydrated. I talk about this a lot, but this is especially true for these sessions. Water flows inside of you, and the more hydrated you are the easier it is to move energies around. Hydration makes releasing emotions easier, releasing negative beliefs easier, releasing anything easier haha! This is what we will be doing during the sessions, so water is really your friend as a preparation!

Another thing is to do your best to make sure you won’t be disturbed during the session. Turn your phone’s ringtone off, go to a comfortable place, and just lay down or sit depending on what feels right to you. If you want to have special objects, crystals, pictures, incense, etc. next to you during the session that is absolutely perfect and even recommended. Whatever feels right is what you should do. Let your intuition guide you, it knows what it best for you. It did guide you to have a session with me after all! Haha, I’m really happy you did. Doing these sessions is actually one of the things I am most passionate about, so I’m always grateful to be able to do so.

Special requirement: If the session you have booked is a Star Magic Healing session, it would be really helpful if you could send me a picture of you. Either on my Facebook or on my email
This helps me connect with you before the session and can really be of assistance when it comes to the actual session itself.

Thank you for taking interest in what I do. Helping people achieve new levels, empower them to their true potential and helping others co-creating the life of their dreams is truly my passion, and so whenever someone is ready to do what it takes to be the change they wish to see in the world, it fills me with gratitude and makes my heart sing along the way. So thank you for letting me share my gifts with the world, and my greatest wish is for you to do the same so we live in a place where everyone is passionate about what they are doing. We will get there, don’t worry. All is going perfectly the way it should right now, and divine Love is guiding us all to this reality we prefer to be in. Have a wonderful day beautiful soul!

You are worthy 🙂