Thank you for being here! On this page, I will present many things that have helped me on my journey and I’m sure could help you too. There are many things I recommend, different practices that help the body, the mind and the spirit on many levels. I will be sharing some of these here and on Youtube. This page will be in constant evolution, as I put more and more into it. My journey, just like yours, is quite unique, and so it is possible that not everything I mention here applies for you. But, what the things I will mention here have done of me is nothing short of a miracle. Because ultimately, it made me feel motivated with life again. It made me feel the endless love I have right now for the world as a whole, and it made me feel happiness like I never knew could be possible. This is what I share with you through my words. This love, this gratitude, this joy… All of it is here now. 



Abundance of Health – Recommendations for Health and Detox

Abundance of Love – Recommendations for Spiritual Growth

Abundance of Freedom – Recommendations for finances and traveling

Abundance of Love – Recommendations for Spiritual Growth

All right, let’s dive in the first stream of abundance… Abundance of Health! 

 Health is a wonderful subject. So much can be said, and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming with the amount of information available online surrounding health. Because of that, I will do my best to keep it simple, while at the same time providing information that has helped me along the way.

The first thing I want to say is that detoxification is definitely the first step one needs to undertake in order to be abundantly happy with the way their body feels. Sometimes, we may not notice it, but our body accumulates loads and loads of toxins throughout our lives. Air pollution, processed foods, heavy metals, contaminants of all sorts are omnipresent in today’s society. It is however possible to limit the intake of most of it, though sometimes this may require quite drastic changes in one’s lifestyle. I think for a lot of people, they would rather take the gradual route, and this is perfectly fine. So I will start with things I recommend everyone to do, and then I’ll go into more intense versions of detox!


The first thing that I think is best for everyone is a simple product called TRS. Toxin Removal System. It is literally designed to do exactly what we are doing: detoxification. If you haven’t already, I highly highly suggest you read the book I wrote about heavy-metal toxicity and how to remove them. It is available for free on my website, and this book is the result of years of research of the effects heavy metals like mercury and lead have on our health. TRS is able to remove these metals. I won’t go in all the details of how it works here, as I explain everything in the book. You can get TRS by clicking here.

Although TRS takes care of a lot of the nitty-gritty stuff about removing toxins, there are still many ways we can support the body while it is doing its best to remove what doesn’t serve us anymore. The more you can avoid taking toxins in, the better. So, reducing exposure is a very good thing to do, which I also go more in-depth in the book. 


One of the most important things that are quite easy (And free…) to do is movement and sweating. These are key aspects in any detox because of the way lymph works. Our lymph system is like the sewer system of the body. That’s where the toxins end up. The lymph system is much bigger than the cardiovascular system, but unlike blood, lymph doesn’t have a “pump” like the heart to move it around. It relies on physical movements to travel to the lymph nodes and get rid of accumulated toxicity. It is therefore really important to move the body! Just look at children, always dancing around, playing, spinning, jumping. They know how to move that lymph system, and they’re having a blast doing it! We got a lot to learn from them haha! Jumping is actually one of the most “lymph-moving” exercises there is, along with spinning. So have fun, dance and enjoy it! 


A positive attitude can also make miracles happen in one’s life. No matter what you are doing, if you are doing it with a positive mindset you can reap many benefits from just the mindset alone. You are the placebo. There is a reason placebos are so effective, our mind has a lot to do with how our body reacts to certain things. This is why I always recommend people to say a quick prayer before they put anything in their body. Just feel gratitude for the people who had something to do with you being able to ingest of what you are about to take in. This simple gratitude affects the very structure of what you are putting in your body. 

Chewing Food

When it comes to eating, something very important would be to do your best to chew the food as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be a rush to stuff the food you have down your throat at the speed of light. A lot of digestion actually happens through saliva and chewing. And it teaches patience and enjoyment at the same time. Eating can be really more satisfying once you start paying attention to the process. And chances are you will naturally feel like eating less as you do so. 


Sunlight is another key factor. Most people realize that you seem happier when the sun is out than when it’s not. There is a reason for this. The sun helps us in so many ways, I could write a whole book on it haha! (And probably will at some point!) But ultimately, it helps secrete dopamine and serotonin, which basically makes us happier as a whole. So I highly recommend you get AT LEAST 15-20 min of direct sun exposure during the day. This can even be done when it is cloudy. Some of the rays are still there, and still benefit you. 


Ultimately, it’s all about getting those negative ions in you. Sunlight is a rich source of negative ions, so is TRS, so are many other things. The next I want to mention is earthing and nature immersion. This is so key in today’s world. Walking in nature can affect you so much sometimes! If you are anxious, moody, sad, go take a walk in nature and you’ll see how nature helps us! The air you breathe is going to be purer, and every tree, plants, etc. are there to support you. We get into a bit of spirituality here, but it is true that trees and plants are very effective at transmuting energy. So does the earth, and my recommendation is that you sometimes remove your shoes and socks and just spend some time with your feet on the earth, taking in all sorts of electromagnetic frequencies that are proven to be emitted from the ground. This is literally “grounding” you haha! And it is so beneficial… Plenty of negative ions in the ground as well!


After sunlight, nature and movements we have another capital one: Proper hydration. Hydration is so key in today’s world, because a lot of what people are eating is actually dehydrating, and people just eat more instead of drinking more. Just take a look at what happens when you dehydrate a fruit, for example grapes. It shrivels, wrinkles, loses form. Funny how that’s pretty much what happens as we age, right? It is no coincidence that most people develop wrinkles as they age. What if it was all just a case of chronic dehydration?

We are made of like 70% water, and that percentage is higher at birth and lower at death. Hydration is crucial. I cannot emphasize this enough. This is why fruits are so good for us, they have a high-water content. Most of them at least. Hydration is key. Every facet of our lives can be improved with better hydration. Our whole system basically runs off water, it is essential for all aspects of our lives.

The human body is composed of a whole lot of tubes. Water is super-effective at cleaning these tubes. It is also super effective at increasing the body’s ability to clean out the toxins. But not all water is made equal, unfortunately. Today’s tap water is filled with contaminants and things that are actually detrimental to our health. It is pretty much capital importance to get a quality water-filtration system nowadays. There are many kinds, and my experience with them has evolved over the years, starting with a big burkey filter (US – ) (CAD – ) , then moving to distilled water to really remove everything  that needs to be removed and increase the body’s ability at removing inorganic minerals.  This is the water distiller I bought and still use: (CAD- ) (US –

More recently however, I found the literal best water system ever, which is alkalized-reduced water. I am soon going to write another book on this, because it is something absolutely phenomenal as well. When water goes through electrolysis it separates in 2, one side having more hydrogen ions, which has been found to be super antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-everything that is bad for us haha! It is truly such a blessing, and something else I am just super grateful I was made aware of. So much could be said about this, and actual scientific evidence about the effectiveness of this water is starting to really bloom. I won’t talk about all of it here, as like I said I am writing a book about it, but if you want to know more or know which system to get, you can contact me here and I will answer your questions. In my opinion though, this is currently the best available water in the whole world. I will update this page once I have a book out on all the benefits for this water! 


That said, another capital element in the health journey is breath! Proper breathing has so many benefits it wouldn’t fit on this page… You can do so much good to your body by starting to take deeper, longer breaths on a regular basis. Also, a lot of people don’t realize that they are not breathing from the belly as we used to do when we were babies. At some point in our lives, we started breathing from the chest, but to take full breaths we have to do it from the belly. Put your hands on your belly and see if it fills up like a balloon when you breathe. If it does, you are breathing correctly! A full breath fills the belly first, then moves up to fill the chest. You can actually separate the 2 and really fill the belly first, empty it to fill the chest by “pushing” the breath up. This is how you do a full breath, and doing this relaxes your whole body, signals it everything is ok and you are safe, at peace and in joy.

Breath is truly a wonderful thing and quite possibly something I will write another book about at some point haha! There are different breathing exercises you can do, which at some point I will have videos to and I will link to them here. But simply taking a moment or a few during a day to real take a deeeep breath will help you a lot on the detox journey! So just breath! I’d also suggest getting an indoor air-purification system like this one (CAD – (US – ) and getting some plants to have a better air quality inside. An essential oil diffuser can also be quite wonderful to get the amazing benefits of essential oils as you breathe it in! I’ve always used very simple diffusers like this one, (US –  (CAD –


Next up we have a very convenient method to help detoxify the body called a Neti pot. This is quite useful to get the mucus out of the nasal passageways, which something that is usually clogged up and filled with a bunch of things we don’t need inside of us. Once you get a Neti pot (CAD –  (US  – all you gotta do is fill it up with purified water, add some salt or essential oils or both to make it even stronger, put it in your nose while tilting your head so it goes in one nostril and out of the other one. Very easy to do once you get used to, and you will be able to breathe so much easier from the nose after you do it a few times! It is really a nice and easy way to unclog your nose as well. 

Detox Bath

Something that helped me a lot when it comes to detox are detox baths. I will eventually have a post on this, because it is just super effective and VERY powerful. If you like taking baths, this is basically just taking what you already love and turn it into a powerful detoxification protocol. How easy is that! The ingredients required for the bath are the following:

·       Bentonite clay (US –  (CAD –

·       Borax (US – (CAD –

·       Epsom Salt/magnesium flakes (US – (CAD –  

·       Essential oils of your choice.

Half a cup to a cup of the clay and borax, the recommended amount of the flakes, a few drops of any essential oils you feel like adding in the bath, the hottest water you can tolerate and you’re good to go! This will be intense, I tell you haha! By the way, Borax is good for so many things, it is actually crazy how much this super cheap product can benefit us. From laundry to mold cleaning, to fungus cleaning, to boron supplement and fluoride removal, chlorine filtration, etc. SO many uses haha! I will talk about it a bit again in the spiritual section)

These baths are very powerful, the longer you stay in the more toxins leave your body. You may have intense headaches as a result of this if you go too long or too often, so as with everything else, go at your own rhythm and listen to your body. Also, STAY HYDRATED. Especially when doing these baths. You will feel quite thirsty if you take these baths. But they are amazing. I really go ham when I do it and put the water on maximum heat. It takes me 5min to get in just because it is so hot I have to do it gradually, but the hotter it is the more open your skin’s pores are, and so more of the detox can take place through the ingredients we added to the bath. Then I relax, take some deep breaths, sometimes even bring my laptop and watch something to make it easier as my attention is not on the super-hot water on my skin. This also makes you sweat, so right there is another good point for these baths!

Shower Filter

Also, a good thing to aid in this process is a shower/bath filter, to remove unwanted elements from the tap water. If you take the detox bath, it is actually not that much of a concern because of the bentonite clay and the borax in the bath, but every time you shower or take regular baths, large quantities of what’s in the tap water gets in you, which ultimately you don’t want… I started with the most basic filter I could find on Amazon, such as this one (US – (CAD –, but recently moved on to more advanced water filtration systems which are quite expensive, but in my opinion worth it as the way you feel when getting out of the shower is just out of this world. If you are interested in this, it is also possible to contact me and we can discuss in further details what it entails. You can contact me if you want more information about this, but if you are on a budget then for sure just go with a simple filter from Amazon that will be highly beneficial anyway! 


Honestly, I’ve never been a really big fan of supplements, but recently I have found some things to be of great aid when it comes to detox. The 2 that comes to mind when I type this are turmeric and magnesium, as they both assist the body as it is detoxifying. Magnesium is great to assist energy levels, mood and overall happiness, and turmeric is a super-powerful anti-inflammatory, has been used for ages to treat all sorts of conditions across the world. I have found the best form of magnesium is to take it internally in an ionic form, the best one being this one  (US – (CAD – (Note, I couldn’t find the ReMag on the Canadian website. If you are in Canada, you may just want to get the one from the US site, because it truly is the best of the best haha!). It can also be taken through baths as I mentioned earlier, but if you are undergoing a detox I honestly recommend getting some magnesium internally, as the body tends to use more magnesium when it is detoxing. When it comes to turmeric, you can just get it fresh or get it in capsules here (US – (CAD –

Juice Feasting

But I still think the best supplement is acquired through proper nutrition when we are detoxing. And the best way I have found to increase nutrition is through the use of freshly made juices. Juicing is such an incredible practice one can do for their health. The first time I tasted a freshly made juice, I couldn’t believe how good it was, and then I realized just how much more vitamins are available in juices that haven’t been pasteurized and how it is much easier for our body to absorb everything when it is in liquid form. This is why I now recommend everyone to get a juicer, doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but, of course, as with a lot of things the more expensive, the higher the quality. But you can still do really well with a juicer like this one, (US – (CAD- which costs about $80 at the time of writing this.

Pretty much all I have learned when it comes to juicing comes from Dan TheLifeRegenerator McDonald and John Rose, 2 AMAZING human beings who not only teach health, but spirituality, love and passion as well. These 2 are real inspirations to me, and if you want to know about juicing definitely check them out, as they are the best of the best when it comes to juicing. For people who want to go gradually, I suggest just starting the day with a juice, a few times a week. If you want to really go all the way, then the best way would be to go on a solid-food vacation, and start drinking at least a gallon of freshly made juice per day.

This will be beneficial in so many ways I cannot emphasize enough. I talked before about hydration, well fresh juices are a wonderful way of getting hydrated straight from nature. Truly an amazing practice, and quite simple to pick up. Just get a juicer, load ingredients in, and drink the juice haha! The amount of mental clarity you get when drinking a juice, pure long-lasting energy, vitality boost, etc. It’s just amazing and I love it. I have done months on juices only, and was in better shape than ever! When your digestive system is happy, you are happy! I used these glass bottles when I got started to be able to make bigger batches of juice and not lose nutrition from oxidation, sometimes that can happen if the juice is in contact with too much air for too long. Juice feasting is a wonderful way to detox while still being able to function and thrive in your day-to-day life. 


Of course, next level would be water-fasting, which does wonderful things for you. Fasting is really one if not the most powerful method of detoxification, as you give your digestive system one heck of a rest, and at some point your body starts a process of autophagy, which means it starts to literally eat itself. This may sound bad, but quite the opposite, because the body is intelligent and it will start “eating” what is detrimental to its survival first. You know what is detrimental to survival? Toxic waste, contaminants, pollutants, all the things we want to rid ourselves from in the first place. This is quite amazing, because it means the body starts to dissolve the toxins when we fast, which has an array of benefits.

The first level to this would be intermittent fasting, with 8-hour eating window and 16 hours fasting window. Then it would be reducing that window to 1 hour, and 23 hours of fasting. And then just full on water-fast for a few days, and more as you develop your “fasting” muscle. There is a reason most major religious communities in the world have fasting as a prominent part of their practice. It purifies the body on a physical and spiritual level. It is so beneficial to us… Even Hippocrates, known to be the father of modern medicine, used to be a big advocate of fasting. If you want to push the idea even further, we have dry-fasting – Fasting without any food nor water.

This is really the most intense form of detoxification there is, and I if you are going to do this, I suggest you actually go to a retreat that actually helps you along the way, teaches you ways to get your energy from elsewhere than food, because yes this is possible. I am actually attending such retreat no later than next week, and will be able to document everything that happens as I go and be part of this amazing journey. I am quite excited haha! Yes, I will be doing 4 days dry fast. And I am 100% ready for it, physically mentally and spiritually! If you’re ever interested in taking part of these retreats, click here to check it out!


Also, one other point that ties in health and wellness with spirituality is actually emotional detox. More and more people are now realizing the link between repressed emotional traumas and disease in people. Sometimes, events that happened when we were younger have had quite an impact on us, and are still affecting us throughout our lives without us noticing it. This is what happened to me, and one day through the use of a ceremonial plant medicine I uncovered a trauma I didn’t remember having as a child that was still affecting me on a daily basis. I saw how much of an effect it still had on me, because all this time I had been retaining the emotions that needed to flow, and had piled a bunch of crap on top of it to make sure I never look at it.

But that day I did finally look at it, and I cried for 6 hours straight, letting go of everything that had happened, forgiving myself for what I had done to myself all these years in response, all the shame and guilt… Forgiving others also who had their role to play in this by realizing their intentions in what had happened. It was so intense, but once it was over I was relieved of the emotional pain I was carrying on the inside, and I felt SO GOOD. I felt like I could jump to the sky, like I could do anything. Like 5 tons of weight had just been released from my shoulders.

Emotions are supposed to be in motion, when they get repressed, they create blockages inside of us that leads to an array of problems reflected on the physical side. As we detox physically, we also detox emotionally and vice versa. This is why a combination of both is crucial, and being able to let the emotions freely flow can be so beneficial in one’s journey! If you feel like it, I actually offer emotional consulting over call, Skype or any other internet-based communication method. It’s all about releasing guilt, shame, lack of self-worth, fear and transmuting all these emotions into love, freedom, realizing one’s worth and feeling gratitude. If you are interested in this, then please contact me and we can get started! 

That said, let’s now dive in the next section, as it is a nice transition from fasting and emotion release. Thank you for reading all of this so far, you are amazing!

Abundance of Love – Recommendations for Spiritual Growth

When it comes to spirituality, so much could be said… Definitely the topic of another book I will write, because once you understand the spiritual nature of everything, life is transformed in so many epic ways, it’s impossible to describe in human words just how much amazing it can be. Because truly, there is more to life than what is going on on the physical level. There is sooo much more going on. But ultimately, it always goes back to one thing: Love. Love is really the source of everything, and many experiences in my life have led me to that conclusion. I will soon be sharing these experiences in greater details, but for now just know that you are ALWAYS loved, no matter what you think or feel. So my first recommendation here is to do your best to feel love every single day. This can have many forms, such as gratitude, excitement, passion, love for yourself, for a family member, for a stranger, for the trees, for the lamppost you are passing by. It is possible to fall in love with anything. 


Gratitude is a state of mind that usually receive gifts, and so it is a powerful tool to aid in manifesting the life of your dreams. If you can be grateful in the moment for what you have, you are in that state of having received a gift, and so if you are grateful thinking about something that hasn’t happened yet in your life, well your body doesn’t know the difference because you are feeling as though you already received it. This is how you start to change everything in your life and actually receive things greater than you thought possible. Because life is made in such a way that what you put out is what you get back. If love and gratitude are what you put out, this is what you will get back, all the time. This leads you into such an incredible adventure where surprises emerge and you just flow with passion and life just feels right. You are not fully living the way you best know how to live. 

Manifestation Rods

Some tools can help in the manifestation of this life. Something I have found to be incredibly useful in my spiritual development is an object called Tachyon Illumination rods. These rods are made with a type of energy called Tachyon energy, which works on a quantum level and pulsates energy through you as you hold them. Because of this, it makes you more connected to the streams of possibilities that exist in every moment, and makes it easier for you to pull yourself to the kind of reality you prefer.

These rods are so powerful, pretty much anyone can feel the energy emanating from them. Holding them 30 sec and your hands start to pulsate in tune with the energy being emitted. This can only be felt, and so I can’t really prove to you this is true without actually holding them, but I ever since I heard about these I was supper attracted to them, they really resonated with me. I’m so grateful I actually got them, because I have discovered so many different uses for them. They are so powerful I had a friend at some point, who is really sensitive to energies, ask me what the heck did I have in my backpack that was so powerful. It was these rods, and I never mentioned any of it to her. She just felt something powerful from within my backpack, and it was these rods. I was mind-blown both by her capacity to detect energy on such a level, and the fact that this 100% proved me just how powerful and amazing these rods are. They have contributed a lot to my spiritual development and I am so grateful for them. You can check them out by clicking here, and if you want to buy it you can use the coupon code “passion” and you will get $10 off the listed price.

Energy Cultivation Practice

Aside from that, talking about energy, a great way for anyone to develop spiritually is by having an energy cultivation method in place. Chi Gong is a good way to start, and the form of Chi Gong I picked up is called Falun Dafa, and I feel it is absolutely amazing. Everything needed to learn it is available for free online, and eventually I will also have my own videos of my own take on how to do the exercises and ways to cultivate the energy. There are a lot of energy channels inside of us, and as they open more and more energy can pass through and be utilized in our day-to-day lives.

Another thing to consider is light, because in light information is contained. As we develop ourselves through energy cultivation, we also increase the amount of light we have access to. This in turn means we have access to more information, that can be delivered in a myriad of ways. Through dreams, visions, intuition, synchronicities, etc. When you start to be more in tune with the flow of life, the state of Wu Wei, information starts to be available for you in perfect timing. This is what a synchronicity is. When the perfect information you needed in one very moment gets delivered to you in a seemingly impossible or coincidental way, we call this a synchronicity. As you develop yourself spiritually, this happens more and more, especially if you are staying true to yourself and actually move in the direction of what resonates most with who you are.

Something to mention is that everything is vibration, frequency and energy. Understanding these 3 concepts can basically let us understand everything. There are several ways of “increasing” one’s frequency, and everything I have mentioned so far basically has that as a side effect. Positive emotions raise one’s frequency. There are many other things who do that. Earlier I was talking about fasting. Well, when we talk about the spiritual aspects of fasting, we get into the reason it is called fasting in the first place. You literally vibrate at a faster speed when you fast… It is as simple as that.

Different states of matter have different frequencies and vibration. Let’s take water, for example. When it is solid and we want to have it liquid, we need to heat it up, right? Well, this makes the atom in the water go faster, have more energy. They vibrate faster and the ice melts and water becomes liquid. So we can see liquid has more energy and a higher vibration than solid. Same goes for vapor vs liquid. And so as we fast, we move from solid food to liquid food to “air” food. That’s why it is possible to increase one’s energy through fasting. That’s why increasing our liquid and air intake is so beneficial to us. 


Meditation is definitely a wonderful way to develop one’s self spiritually, and there are a myriad of different ways someone can meditate. There is no such thing as a better meditation. Just find something you feel like doing, and be consistent in your practice and this will help you tremendously. I will soon have some guided meditations on my YouTube channel, that could give you somewhere to start with it!

Something I recommend that has been of tremendous help on my spiritual journey is, funnily enough, a sleep mask and earplugs. It has helped me so much to concentrate and to actually create a space for me to properly go within with no outside disturbances. I have over the years tried so many brands to find the most comfortable combo, and what I now consider to be the best are these earplugs (CAD – (US –, and this sleep mask  (US –, with this one in a close second. (US – (CAD –  I was actually a Kickstarter backer for the first one, and enjoyed it so much! Until I left it on a bench at the airport… That’s when I got the second one and have been using it since!

Something I recommend alongside a meditation practice is to have tools to create a sacred space whenever you want. This can include crystals, candles, anything you feel good in the presence of. I also love having a smudge stick of some kind, either sage or Paulo Santo, as this cleans the energy of a place and actually cleans the air physically. These are quite wonderful tools to have on hand at any given moment, and I always travel with both Paulo Santo and Sage. You can get a little kit with everything here (US – (CAD – Really nice! 

The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is an organ with many mysteries surrounding it. Many people are now understanding that it is in a way a sort of gateway to the spiritual. It has the same cones and rods as in our eyes, and is connected to the ocular system, raising the question: What does it see? Well, when you go further in the spiritual path, you realize the answer to that is … many things haha! It acts as a transducer for spiritual frequencies and makes you able to decode the information and understand it. It also let’s you literally see other places, sometimes in real time through a phenomenon called remote viewing, which I’ve had happening quite a few times in my life. But sometimes, through different chemicals that are not in alignment with who we really are, this organ can get calcified, and so I really recommend you to look into decalcification methods.

When I first did it, it was through boron supplements, taking 6 capsules a day for some time. This unlocked something quite interesting for me, which I will write and talk about in the future, and link it here. But it helped A LOT. Which is why I recommend again the Borax I have mentioned earlier on this page. Borax foot baths, baths, and even internal consumption of very small quantities (1/8th of a teaspoon) can be really beneficial in the body, because it boosts up calcium utilization. This in turn leads to decalcification.

Boron is also good at neutralizing Fluoride, which is one of the main reasons we experience pineal gland calcification in the first place. So something I HIGHLY recommend is to get fluoride-free toothpaste. I actually started using tooth powder instead of toothpaste, because it is much easier to travel with, and one bottle lasts over a year haha! This is the bottle I have used (CAD  – (US –, and just love it. It is really amazing and so much better than toothpaste! Fluoride added to water is just another reason to have a water-purification system in place at your home so you limit the intake of Fluoride.

Pretty every method I have shared so far with you will have a role in pineal gland decalcification, and will let you experience life in a much different way. The pineal gland plays a huge role in sleep cycles, dreaming, secretion of melatonin and perhaps even dimethyltryptamine (DMT). It’s position in the brain is reminiscent of the king’s chamber in the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and there are hieroglyphs depicting the eye of Horus that shows what appears to be a dissected pineal gland. These are all coincidences I am sure (hehe) The more you know, the more you realize how much you really don’t know! Every question you answer raises several more questions, and so this is why curiosity is another wonderful attitude to have towards the unknown. 

Plant Medicines

There is a lot more that could be said about spirituality, and as you start to live more and more in your truth, more and more information is going to be made available to you. We could dive into the whole plant medicine aspect, as I am an Iboga provider and can lead such ceremonies, which can be one heck of an experience for anyone willing to really take a look at what’s inside, what truth they are hiding from and how to ultimately be more of who they are. It also is one of the most powerful pineal gland decalcification methods, and at some point on it you actually start to be able to see your surroundings in real time, eyes closed with a blindfold on. Quite the experience the first time it happens. This is a sense no one talks about. But it is possible to see even the outside world with your regular eyes fully blinded.

There are many posts coming about Iboga, how it changed my life and the lives. It was what initiated the release of the traumatic experience I mentioned earlier. It did in one night what years of self-inquiry couldn’t do for me, what several Ayahuasca ceremonies also didn’t do (Though it did many other wonderful things) and changed everything for me haha! As you can see, many things changed my life. Every time, it is always true. I have had many profound experiences, and this is why I am so grateful all the time. My life is exactly the way I have always wanted it to be. Extraordinary. Soon I will have retreats going on, and so stay tuned for this as I will be sharing a lot more information regarding this subject which is one of my highest passions in life. 

Remote Healing Sessions

Something else I do want to mention is remote healing. Once you start to dive deeper and deeper into the different levels of reality, you realize that everything exists at once in the quantum field, and because of this it is possible to be healed on a quantum level even from distance. I am actually trained in a modality called StarMagic, which lets me be able to help someone no matter where I am or my client is. It can be quite powerful, and it uses 5 major ingredients to help someone overcome their current situations. These are 1. Love, 2. Imagination, 3. Intention, 4. Knowing, 5. Light. Combine these 5 ingredients and you get the modality I can have a session with from a distance. If this is something you are interested in partaking, send me a request using the form here and we will get it going.

Last but not the least, what has been of tremendous help on my spiritual path is actually the product I first mentioned at the beginning of this page: TRS. It is so good on a physical level, and because of it, it is therefore good on the spiritual level as well. Remember that everything is linked and connected, and the physical is a reflection of the spiritual, so as you remove toxins from you, you also heal on a spiritual level. But TRS is much more than that, because it is made of tiny tiny crystals which carry and amplify any emotions and intentions given to it. I develop the spiritual aspect of TRS more in my book Heavy Metals Toxicity – the missing piece of your health, which you can get here for free. 


There are also several books that have profoundly helped me on this journey, and I will list those that have impacted me the most. All the books listed here I have read many times, and every time I do I get something new from it, because as I learn more it creates the possibility of learning even more, and thus I return to these books and always get something new out of them. Here are some of the books that have impacted me the most:

THE KYBALION, by Three Initiates (US – (CAD –

This was the first book to ever put in simple terms what I now consider to be a theory of everything. An explanation that encompasses all there is, a way to understand everything. It is a real key in someone’s spiritual development. And it does all of that in about 100 pages. This book was a huge revelation to me when I first read it. Everything started ti make sense once I read it. A lot of questions got answered as I went through the book.

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon, by Dr. Joe Dispenza (US – (CAD –

 This book is a very interesting bridge between spirituality and science, and has experiments in it showing actually the effects of meditation on people’s brainwaves, and how heart coherence is a phenomenon that can happen, and how sometimes people experience these moments of pure bliss that makes the brain charts produce impossible data hundreds of times outside the regular normal means of data for brainwaves. It is truly a fascinating book with many simple to follow exercises that can be highly beneficial to someone, and the information is easily understood. Truly a fantastic read to anyone!

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho (CAD – (US –  

This is a short and sweet story demonstrating the hero’s journey, a story illustrating the journey and how enjoy life at its fullest, and staying true to yourself and your passion. It is such an amazing book, I have read it again and again. Such a great book!

John Dies at the End, by David Wong (US – (CAD –

OK, this book isn’t necessarily for spiritual development, but it is a book I picked up randomly when I was in the middle of the jungle in Africa, and I read it in one go because it was SO FUNNY. This is 100% my type of humor, and I just loved it. But also, even though it is written as a parody or a science fiction, a lot of what happens in the book has actually happened to me in the past, and I just so happen to have a friend that is pretty much the literal human version of the book character named John. So this book really hit home for me, and it was quite crazy how synchronistic this book is. Plus, the “sauce” in the book is actually quite similar in effects to Iboga, which I was in Africa to train with when I read it randomly selecting one amongst thousands of books I had in my Kindle.


I will end this section with the ultimate formula for everything in life. It comes from one of my newest teachers, named Bashar. It is the complete kit to have abundance in life. The formula is this:

Follow your highest excitement in every moment to the best of your ability, with insistence or expectations in regards to what the outcome ought to be.

Doing so will always lead you to being more and more of who you are, and life will become quite magical in every way shape or form!  If you are new to the concepts I mention on this page, then  I highly recommend you go on my Youtube channel and watch some videos in which I explain these concepts a lot more, making it easier to understand.  This formula is also going to be explained in greater details on my Youtube and through further blog posts on this website. Stay tuned!

Abundance of Freedom – Recommendations for finances and traveling


Right now in the world, more and more people are making the switch to become financially free and be able to do what they prefer to do in every moment. This is my case, and the first thing that started it all is actually a change of mindset. The idea is to move from a mindset of lack and scarcity to one of abundance, self-worth and freedom. Once I did that, opportunities fell on my lap I never knew existed. I started to come in contact with things I loved and could actually make a living from. So my first suggestion is really to really look at your beliefs towards abundance. Do you feel like you deserve abundance? If not, then this is where you need to start. I can help you with that process if you want.

Ultimately, it is about realizing that you deserve to be abundant, and in fact already are. Because you are. You may be abundant in something you don’t prefer though, like abundant in lack, abundant in shame and guilt, etc. But you don’t have to be. There are beliefs that creates this feeling of not deserving to be free. This ties into everything I have mentioned so far. But you ARE worthy. You are worthy enough to exist, and creation does NOT make any mistake. For “all that is” to be “all that is” you HAD to exist, and so “all that is” found that you were a VITAL element in existence, so by the very fact you exist, you are worthy. Remember that money is just a form of energy, and in the universe, there is an abundance of energy, right? So why is it that we feel like it is scarce? This is just not true, and it is another belief in the idea of lack. It is an illusion, created by our own minds because we don’t yet understand the true definition of abundance. But this doesn’t have to stay that way. You are already abundant. Know this, feel this. And be grateful for it! 

Online Business

You may have noticed, but there is quite a large transition happening in the world towards online businesses. Look at the most major companies nowadays, and they pretty much all credit their massive growth to the power of the internet. This is increasing exponentially as years go by, and more and more money is made online every year. This is quite huge, and is why I decided to launch my own online businesses. There are so many different ways you can make money online, but what I feel is the easiest way is through something called affiliate marketing. There are companies selling products, and there are people interested in buying products. But what if you could be the one pointing the people who want something where to get it, and get paid for it? This is basically affiliate marketing… All you have to do really is to be an affiliate for some programs and offers, and let the people who were already interested in these kinds of programs and offers about the one you are partnered with.

This is really easy to do, but it gets even better. Because in some instances, the program/product/offer is actually something YOU have used and love, and so it is really easy for you to bring this up to people, because you are already passionate about it! So really, all you are doing is something you’d be doing anyway without anyone telling you to. You’d share the things you are passionate about, because this is what we tend to do! For example, suppose you watch a movie and it turns out to be the best movie you’ve ever watched. The story was amazing, the actors played their part with a level of integrity you’ve never seen before, the special effects were incredible, etc. You’d probably tell everyone to go see that movie and mention all the reasons you loved it so much, and no one would need to force you to do it or anything. You’d just be happy to share it. Well, now take the same scenario, but imagine being able to earn $10 for each person who watches the movie after you told them to. Would you accept the job? Well, I know I would. And this is basically affiliate marketing haha!

There are many ways to get started with affiliate marketing, and the amount of information available at first can get a bit overwhelming. Even for me who just loves to research, finding a way to make this happen was quite difficult. But eventually, seemingly out of nowhere came an offer that changed everything for me. It was a training about how to start your business in affiliate marketing, step-by-step instructions and information on what it’s all about. It is an hour-long live web class that shows everything needed to get started, and it is free to attend. It is by watching this and taking action that my life suddenly changed. That’s the moment I made the switch, from mental slavery to genuine freedom.

 I am just so incredibly grateful that I decided to take action on this, because without it I wouldn’t even be writing these words to you right now, words that have the potential to change your life as well. For the first time, I came in contact with a team of people who are heart-based, who value integrity, who support everyone throughout their journey in making the switch from a regular job to an online business. And the beauty of it is that anyone can do it. This web class is where my online journey started, and it is where it keeps on becoming better and better every day. You can sign-up to attend the workshop using this website:


One of the best examples of what I mention about being able to make a living from the things you love and are passionate about is with me and TRS. I have been wanting to get back to writing for quite a while, and TRS actually gave me the opportunity to fulfill my passion in that regard because of how effective it is at removing heavy metals, something I have found to be absolutely capital in one’s health. Well, TRS just so happens to be a product anyone can earn a commission from promoting, by simply signing up as a distributor instead of a retail client. It doesn’t cost more than just simply buying the product, but lets you earn commissions off every sale you make after. And because it is such an incredible product and in my honest opinion literally anyone could benefit from this, it is so easy to let people know about all the amazing benefits it has!

TRS is really the best way someone could start detoxing, in my opinion. As you know, I just wrote a whole book about why it should be used, a book that pretty much covers all the questions, all the reasons, all the information regarding heavy metals, toxins in general, where to find them and how TRS can help safely removing them. Well, I am doing something quite special with this book. At the moment, I am giving it away for free, because the information needs to be known to as many people as possible. And by the way, this would still be true even if I was not making a commission from TRS. As I said, I am genuinely passionate and this has genuinely changed my life for the better. In the book, there is a link to buy TRS from at the end, and it’s through the same link someone can become a distributor. Well, here is what’s special. For anyone who is willing to be part of distributing TRS and spread the information, I will give you the right to edit you use the book I have written with your link at the end. Which means anyone you share the book with who decided to buy TRS, you will get the full commission. And all the information you need to know about TRS is also already in the book.

I think you can imagine the potential in that, because it will let you use the biggest resource of information available right now regarding TRS and heavy metals, and be the one who directly benefit from it. At the moment I am only saying this here and on my Facebook group, which is where everything is organized and all the questions regarding TRS can be asked. Eventually I will make a version 2 of the book with the financial opportunity of TRS right in it. There is also a French translation in the making, so if you know French people it will benefit them also! This is really massive, as it literally just started, and I have a feeling the book will be read by MANY people. There is no stopping this information. And if you want to be a part of this movement towards a greater future, all you have to do is sign-up as a distributor for TRS using this link: and then join the Facebook group  where everyone in this new team will support each other towards greater goals! 


Thank you so much for reading through this page, it means a lot for me to know people actually are interested in what I have to say. Truly, there is a lot more in the making, and this is really just the beginning of another epic journey. One point I want to share with you right now about traveling is the idea of being able to travel for almost no cost, which at the beginning of an online business can be such blessing. Basically, using a website such as Workaway or Wwoof, it is possible to exchange only 5 hours of work per day, 5 days a week, and in return you get a place to stay and food, which basically cuts your expenses of traveling by 90%. This is how I started traveling, and doing it this way you only have to pay for the flight tickets, which really isn’t all that expensive considering you are going to remove the 2 major expenses you have right after.

All you need for any online business to work is a semi-decent wifi connection and you’re good to go. Do you see the potential here? Plus the places are usually just amazing experiences where you meet a bunch of people who love to travel and who enjoy life to the fullest. Some of my best friends I have made through Workaway programs, and I always recommend people who want to travel but think they can’t afford it to give it a try. A flight to Guatemala, the last place I went to, cost me $250. That’s $500 total, and then I had almost no expenses aside from activities, if I chose to actually partake in such activities. But I didn’t have to, and so I could have lived in Guatemala for a few months, and the total cost of the trip would be perhaps $700. This is how it’s possible to get started.

You are in an environment you love, with people you love, and setting up a way for you to do things you love all the time. I’m telling you, this is where you can be headed too. But you gotta take action. Action speaks louder than words, and all the greatest experiences of my life would’ve never happened if I didn’t take action on the little voice in my head telling me perhaps I need to do this. I listened to it, the voice of my heart, and it led me to the most amazing of experiences. I haven’t even touched the surface of all the wonderful experiences I have had so far. And the first action I took towards my dreams was 3 years ago only! I have done more in these 3 years that some people do in their whole lifetime. And I will keep on experiencing new things, as this is what I am passionate about.

If at first you need to make some sacrifices to earn some money to get started, then just do so! I used to live with roommates in a, pardon my language, shitty apartment that cost me $250 a month and I’d go on watermelon juice only for long periods of times just because I could live off $5 a day that way. And I was working full time, riding a bicycle I got for free to my customer service job. And you know what? In 2 months, I saved $1500. And off I went to travel again! I used to always do this, before I found out I can actually make money online and not have to work a regular job anymore. I would just travel, come back, save some money, travel, come back, rinse and repeat. And it was so good! Now it is even better, because I don’t need the “come back to work” part. But ultimately, all I wanted to show with this little segment is that it is very much possible for you to live a kind of life that you enjoy, that you love. So many stories I have from these travels. I highly recommend you start traveling! The whole world changes when you do. You realize just how much positive is present in the world. How genuine people are, how loving people are, how absolutely fantastic people are! I just LOVE to travel haha! 


This concludes the recommendations page, for now at least. It will definitely be edited as I make new content and can actually link to such content from this page, that way everything I mention here I can go into more depth and really explain in further details what I mean, how the things have helped me, the exact procedure, etc. If you read through it all, holy molly thank you so much! This really means the world to know that this information is reaching someone else. It changed my life in so many ways I cannot really describe with mere words. But it led me to the most wonderful of experiences, to the most epic journeys of all, and it continues to do so every day! I honestly sometimes wish someone could just switch bodies with me for a moment to know what it feels like to be truly happy and free. To feel the love I feel when I get tears in my eyes like I got many times writing this. Even now, it started again. Genuine happiness. Genuine love. I’m not making this up haha! Watch some of my videos and you’ll see the tears! I literally couldn’t make this up even if I tried!

And my goal is for you to feel this way too. To feel the passion burning deep inside your heart. The excitement for life. The optimism and absolute trust in the changes that are happening RIGHT NOW on earth. The ecstatic bliss that sometimes occurs when you push the boundaries of what you thought could be possible. All of this, I’m not keeping it to myself. It is all there for you, and you deserve to know what it feels like. Because you are worthy of it all. You are. YOU ARE!!!

 NO MATTER where you are on earth, no matter your past, no matter all the shit you have done in your life. No matter your beliefs, your actions, your religion or your sexual orientation. YOU REMAIN WORTHY. And you still deserve this love. Because it is unconditional, it is infinite, it is the source of everything. That includes you. You are always connected to it, just like I am. We are already in the streams of abundance, even if we don’t consciously know it yet.

One last thing I want to mention. When I talk about following your passion, please know that what you just read is the result of me doing just that. And when you are passionate about something, time just flies by. This page you have read, I started it this morning. I wrote all of it in one go. With no inspiration whatsoever other than the fact I was going to write about things I recommend. Then I literally just let the flow of creativity take me wherever I needed to go. I have been writing non-stop the whole day, cumulating a whopping 9819 words on this very sentence, all in one block. I have never done anything like this. Writing is something I am passionate about. It also something I never thought could earn me a living by doing. I used to think I was not good enough, that I didn’t have anything worthwhile to say, that no one would care, that I’d be ridiculed, etc.

These fear-based beliefs are the kind of things keeping us from living the life of our dreams. Don’t give in to the fear. Fear is just there to let you know you have a belief that is not in resonance with who you really are. So I’m even grateful to fear, as it was and still is in some occasions the greatest teacher one can ever have. And the greatest experiences lie right on the other side of fear. So be courageous my friends, stay curious and stay passionate. You are incredible and I love you unconditionally.

Please, if you found the information on this page useful to you, hit the share button right at the bottom of this page. This takes only a moment for you, but helps me tremendously to spread this message of love to more and more people. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to meet you one day. Because if you read through all of this, I feel like we will at some point. Until then, take care and follow your highest excitement to the best of your ability, in every moment, with no expectations as to what the outcome should be!