My Story:

Holy molly, what an incredible story my life has been so far! I was living a pretty normal life for about 19 years, having the best grades all the time at school with barely any effort. I was born with a unique capacity to understand things really rapidly, and quite a good memory also. Because of this, school was really a breeze for me and I never really struggled with it. The moment I started to see that the kind of life this path was taking me into was in no way what I wanted my life to be. I could see there was something that needed to change with the world, and I wanted to become a highschool teacher to teach children how to go and fix it. One day though, everything changed when I came in contact with a very peculiar molecule called DMT which made me question everything I thought I knew about the world. I had always seen every kind of drugs in a really negative light, thinking they were demonic and all. I was raised that way. But my curiosity was bigger than the upbringing once I first heard of it, and even though I had never taken any drugs before, I embarked on what I now consider to be the most pivotal point in my life. Because what I understood during this experience is that there is MUCH more than what we can perceive with our 5 senses. All my life I had been called a genius by many people, but suddenly I realized my “genius” had been used to only study the tip of the iceberg, the material world, but there was a whole other world to explore, much bigger and much unknown to people. I decided I was going to study the unknown, and make it known to people. This lead to such an adventure… 

I started doing little experiments, upping the dose every time, going further into the unknown everytime. At some point though, I reached some kind of a tipping point, and decided to actually go in South America to experience DMT the traditional way, through a genuine Ayahuasca ceremony.  Fortunately for me, I had some saved money from working full-time at the same time as University. So I went and spent a month and a half in South America to have many ceremonies with Ayahuasca and San Pedro. MANY things happened there, and I won’t cover everything here, but one of the main thing that happened was my first confirmation of the spiritual. This happened during my first San Pedro ceremony, and I saw someone getting seemingly “posessed”, and it was the most intense moment of my life (so far). 

The person actually started levitating. 

This, for me who still had the scientific mindset and the logical, left-brained approach to spirituality, completely blew my whole world open. Suddenly, it was no longer just spiritual woo-woo and mumbo jumbo’s from people just regurgitating information from elsewhere. No no, it was REAL. As real as it can ever be. So real I remember how it happened just like it was yesterday, and soon I will have a video on it. But that was a confirmation of the spiritual for me, which lead me to want to discover even more about this world, about the unknown and about what this all means. SEVERAL other things happened during this time, and ultimately although it lead to many questions being answered, it lead to an even greater amount of questions in need to be asked. It opened up a whole new world of questions, and I didn’t have any way to know the answers.

I got back home and started to learn about this other plant medicine called Iboga. What I came to understand about it is that you could ask a question and get an answer instantly, no matter the question. This was precisely what I needed. I had so many questions, and this could potentially provide me with answers. So I found a place in Canada that does Iboga ceremonies the traditional way using teachings of the Bwiti tradition. This was another VERY pivotal moment in my life. The ceremony again changed many things inside of me. It made me uncover a traumatic experience I had as a child, which I had completely forgotten about. And I saw how much it affected me in every aspect of my life. Truly, it shook me to my core. In one night of Iboga I did what I couldn’t do in 10 Ayahuasca ceremonies. It is THAT powerful. I will eventually have a detailed blogpost about this experience and a video as well so you can really get a more in-depth description of it.

 It changed me so much I decided to become an Iboga provider myself. I had tried so many things in my life that didn’t work, but this, even though it was very intense, was exactly what I needed. And realizing this, I knew I was not the only one who could need this. And I wanted to be there for these people, so I went down to Africa, deep in the jungle, to learn how to become am Iboga provider. So much more happened there, had some absolutely crazy experiences even compared to all I had already have, and I learned and learned, to the point of being able to lead a ceremony by myself. I then went back to the center I first attended, this time as a helper and facilitated dozens of ceremonies over there. 

More recently, I started traveling again, learning about a bunch of other modalities, getting deep into spirituality in a way that doesn’t require any external means, had several experiences as crazy as those on plant medicines, this time without anything. And so this is what I teach people now. Because truly, all that is the most important is to follow our passion. I didn’t know at the time, but as I was looking for what my passion was, I was actually following it. Because I now know what my passion is, and that is the study of Life, and this is pretty much what I have been doing this whole time. And I will keep on doing so more and more, because this is just what I love to do. And one of the best ways I have found to study life is actually through sharing with people the things I have learned, and have genuine conversations that make us grow even more than we could have on our own. We are a human family after all. 

This lead me into the world of Detox, into the world of energy medicine, into the world of breatharianism even, into the world of many amazing things haha! 

This website, as you can see, is still in its infancy at the moment. I have many big projects for the world, and I feel deep down like I need to reach out to a lot of people. So please, I ask for your help in that process. The power to share is very strong these days, and so if you like my videos and what I do here, please take some time to share what I do with your friends or groups you may be in. That way more and more people will know some of the best techniques to detox their body, recover from non-preferable states of being, and ultimately, follow their passion so that in turn we can all change the world. Have fun on this journey, thank you for being here now reading this message. You are worthy 🙂