Ray Maor’s pranic living breatharian workshop testimonial day 1 and 2

This workshop was one of the best things I have ever attended in my whole life. You can sign-up for it here: https://raymaor.com?ref=24 At the time of writing this description, the process is over, and it was absolutely magical. Over the next few days there will be more videos released and you will be able to see the progression of the process.

May you have an incredible day filled with Love, Joy, Gratitude, and incredible surprises! Love you all, you are amazing human beings. Yes, even you 🙂 You can check some of the recommendations I have to better your life on my website here: https://alekdumas.com/recommendations/ Also, something that helped tremendously in making this process a success is actually the physical detox I went through beforehand. Especially the heavy metals detox, which I actually wrote a book I am giving away for free here: https://alekdumas.com/free

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Welcome everyone thank you for being you,thank you for being here and now diving,in the streams of abundance so today I’m,actually going to be doing a little, testimonial this is gonna be starting a,series of testimonials from the Ray Maor 9 day pranic living retreat if,you don’t know about that I have a link,in the description so that you can know,about that and ultimately what it is is,a breatharian retreat that’ll you learn,how to take in pranic energy and in,order to be able to eventually live,without food so or water i’m very super,excited process has been amazing so far,i just love everything here I mean I,love everything in life in general but I,love it here also this is day 2 forgot,to do a video on day 1 so I’m gonna be,doing in this video as day 1 and 2 first,day was fruits only and we had some,introduction meaning everyone just,talking like our story so far and met,everyone learned everyone’s name things,like that it was very very nice to just,have the introduction and getting to,meet everyone else was gonna be,partaking in this crazy journey with us,but all honestly what’s what’s the most,interesting is that every single person,who came here came here out of fashion,because this is not something that you,can do it’s you’re not passionate about,it like no one can force you to come to,a breatharian retreat that you make the,decision on your own,and come here on your own and I mean,maybe you have some help to come here,but the decision the intention comes,from you because it’s something that’s,so out there that it it’s like you know,that you feel like you should do this,and you know that you’re you you’re,passionate about it you’re excited about,it and that makes you come so I’m feel,I’m surrounded with a bunch of people,who were passionate about the same kind,of thing that I’m passionate about,because if they’re here and obviously,they know about a lot of things so it’s,really really interesting,the conversations we have the just the,atmosphere and the energy also and so,many people are part of so many,different energetic like healing,modalities and like emotional releases,and things like that and it’s just a,whole group of people who can like we,can learn so much it’s not just like,from Ray it’s himself that we learned we,also learned so much from everyone,else’s path and their own journey and,their own methods and their own like,ways of doing things their own,permission slips we could say so just,for that it’s it’s just such an amazing,journey of like I eventually plan on,having my own retreat which I don’t know,exactly when it’s gonna be but I just,all my all the best experiences of my,life have been when I attended some kind,of retreats some kind of ceremonies some,kind of like places that people get,together basically and those have been,the best experiences of my life so I,want to give back to the people in that,same way and have my own retreats but,enough of that like right now I’m on day,two the day two was a day of juice or,coconut water and that’s been I mean,it’s great I I’ve had many juices in my,life so I’m not really out of my comfort,zone yet far from it,and also I’m very very energetic right,now we did a meditation to start opening,up the pranic channels and it worked a,lot with me I am buzzing with energy,since I did that and it’s just great,like it’s just it’s just great and we,also had a manifestation workshop today,which was absolutely amazing because he,teaches manifestation the way that I’ve,learned that it actually works because,I’ve done it with my own life and,honestly what I manifested is just the,life of my dreams and the life of being,able to travel without like issues,monetary issues and things like that so,it’s just wonderful it like the learning,what I know already is true but like in,a different way always the the teaches,you different things the different ways,that you can add,the techniques and so it’s all about,like creating what’s what works best for,you right but when it comes to,manifestation and it’s always about,feeling the gratitude and feeling the,emotion the elevated emotion that you,associate with the thing you want and,not necessarily focus on the thing you,want because if you do that you’re,always like thinking I don’t have it I,don’t have it so it’s like the idea of a,lock when in fact if you’re grateful for,the thing that you have well then it’s,like you already have it so you don’t,feel like you lack it right that’s the,whole difference so we were a little,talking about that and did some,exercises that were just fantastic and,yeah I just I just love it so far it’s,amazing like I’m really like my life,right now is gonna say that I pretty,much love every moment and in that state,like when I start to do these crazy,things it’s just even better because I,get to always develop and share and like,make this love reach more and more,people and that’s ultimately my goal,even with this YouTube channel all I,want is for you to feel the same kind of,love that I feel because I know that,this changed my life and I’m a human,being and you know what you’re also a,human being everyone else is here right,so if I can feel the love and if it,changed my life,then you can feel the love and it can,change your life and that’s when we,start diving into the abundance of love,which is one of the main aspects of my,channel here like every video you see of,me I’m gonna be talking about love like,I hope you’re ready I love to talk about,love because it’s one of the things I’m,passionate about and it’s one of the,things that if everyone would feel the,same kind of love that I feel right now,like the earth was changed instantly,into the kind of life we prefer and,ultimately one of my goals is to to,co-create with all of you guys this,change that needs to happen on earth,that the changed towards a state of,being that is more,and in residence with who we really are,and who we really are,doesn’t feel like doesn’t feel scars,scarcity doesn’t feel fear that’s an,that’s these are all sorts of illusions,and mind games that we play with right,now but that’s not who we are who we are,as love is abundance is limitless is,infinite potential like I’ve seen some,miracles in my life like with the kind,of things that are possible goes way,beyond anything we can imagine,like even though our imagination has,limits like just for example imagine a,color that doesn’t exist go right ahead,you’ll see the limits of imagination,real quick but it’s still build,imagination is quite a powerful tool and,I’ll be talking more about that but but,ultimately I’m in love with life and I,want to share this love with you that’s,what I’m here if you want to receive,some of that love then keep watching my,videos it’s that simple,Hey like and subscribe that’s gonna,bring you to more love in your life more,abundance in life that’s that’s like,almost a guarantee if you apply the,things that I say in your life oh man I,hope you’re ready because you’re in for,some crazy crazy adventure and you know,the craziest part is that you’ll love,every second of it and that’s just when,you know that you’re in a state of flow,in a state of abundance in a state of,just absolute bliss and joy like who,doesn’t want to do that like tell me,look look at me in the eyes and tell me,that you refuse to live in a state of,joy it’s all yours if that’s your choice,I’m not gonna stop you but I’m telling,you you’re missing out on something,quite amazing so so enjoy your life,follow your passion if there’s something,that you feel like doing don’t hold back,from doing it okay just dive in and do,it and see where it leads you the,greatest experiences of my entire life,have been when I went past the,boundaries of fear and this is another,of these experiences I know actually I,don’t feel any fear even though I’m,going to do a five day drive fast which,I mean it’s completely crazy when you,think about it people say oh you’re,gonna die up to four days,well we’ll see about that I’m gonna be,the way five days will see if I die here,spoiler alert I’m not gonna die I know,that the human body is capable of so,much more than we give it credit for but,even here like most people at the,retreat are gonna be doing three and a,half days but when I asked about how,many days I should do and I dropped into,the the no thoughts zone right I asked,that question when I was in the no,thoughts is on the thoughtless zone and,the answer right away was five and then,the thoughts came in it was like oh man,you’re crazy don’t do that that’s nuts,no just no that’s too much that’s being,greedy like that that that’s just your,ego wanting to to tell the people that,you you’re better than them and whatever,but then I was like no that’s really how,much I need to do it because and then I,started remembering that the number five,has been coming out every almost every,day in my life the past few weeks I’ve,had crazy synchronicities with five,reading like bunch of big text of,someone who was passionate about,something and he he was telling us about,how the whole idea behind is creation is,the number five and how like he was,going into the numeral numerology of it,and like how it’s the human number like,humans of five fingers five physical,senses and five body parts like I mean,like two legs two arms and one head and,so it’s like five is really,representative of humans and but then,when when I agreed to do five I looked,at my notebook and oh actually never,mind I just want to finish the story of,reading the guy who was talking about,the numerology of five I finished,reading his story and I looked at the,time and it was 555 which was they could,blew my mind and I even had tears like,in my eyes just because that’s what,happens when I have such a synchronicity,and I just have tears in my eyes all the,time pretty much out that every day now,[Laughter],as when I decided that I would do five,days I looked at my at a notebook and I,had laying around there and write on the,notebook was number five I was just like,oh my gosh,confirmation let’s go I’m doing five,days there’s no denying it anymore I’m,in for one heck of a ride but let’s do,this right so I’ll be doing something,crazy I’ll be updating you guys with,what I do,I think that’s I’m just gonna create a,playlist with all the days like this is,gonna be day one and two tomorrow day,three and day three is actually a,special day because half of it is gonna,be silent the later part of the day so,I’ll be making a silent video we’ll see,what happens with that but yeah if you,enjoyed the messages of love that I,spread then please like subscribe and,comment on this video and share it with,your friends and family because honestly,like that helps me so much and it at the,same time it helps you manatee because,as more and more people know about these,kinds of messages love messages it’s,just gonna spread like wildfire in it,and that’s how we’re gonna change the,world it’s just spreading love I’m,someone that was my like my main mission,here is to literally be a messenger of,love like that’s what I do so the more,people who see this the more the world,is gonna change so please like if if you,want if it’s okay with you then they do,it it it’s really simple,but I don’t force anyone to do anything,though so just do whatever just just do,you you feel like doing something and do,it if you feel like doing something then,please do it like no matter what it is,if you feel like going on top of a,mountain and yelled to the top of your,lungs that you’re free then go right,ahead and do that like you know best,what’s best for you so enter your day,for now thank you for watching thank you,for being you and thank you for just,diving in the streams of abundance with,me,you’re amazing and you should know that,all right

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