Tachyon Illumination Rods Review


Tachyon illumination rods review

Good day to you wonderful soul! Thank you for your presence here in this moment. I just know you are an amazing human being and your life is about to get EPIC!

Today I am sharing with you a review of a product that has the potential to change your life. Tachyon illumination rods. These energy wands are very special and hold a dear place in my heart as I have used them for many different healings and I want to take a moment to explain all the wonderful things these rods enable someone to do. Before I dive in, I want to share a little story that happened a couple of days after I received these rods just to get a glimpse of how powerful these are!

A few weeks back, I went to see a friend of mine who is one of the most powerful energy healers I know of. She does these special kinds of massage where she feels the energy of people and receive intuitive messages as she is working with the energy of the person getting the massage. And she is always spot on with the things she says, it’s mind-blowing. She feels energy like no other haha! Well, a few days after I received my Tachyon Energy Rods, she invited me to chat and we got together and started talking. We start with small talk and at some point she just stops, look at me with a big question mark on her face. Then she just says, “I don’t know what’s up, but I feel this huge energy coming from you. Did you do anything special? I just burst out of laughter as I get the rods out of my bag, and put them right in front of her. I didn’t tell her ANYTHING about the rods, and yet she felt them right away, from distance. In my head I was just mind-blown by how amazing she is at detecting energy AND by how powerful these rods that someone like her could detect them from about 2 meters distance. It was crazy. The best kind of crazy haha!

Since then, I have used the rods quite extensively, and I gotta say, my review is going to be very positive, as these rods are one of the best things I have ever purchased! They can be used for so many things! I love them so much I actually contacted the company to have my own dedicated coupon code for the people who read this, and it was done! So if you want to purchase the rods, you can now use the coupon code “passion” and get a discount on the rods!

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What are Tachyon Illumination rods?

Tachyon energy

The tachyon power wands are a 2 rods that work together to amplify and emit tachyon energy throughout your body and your field. Tachyon energy is a very interesting type of energy that is directly connected to Source energy. Because of that, Tachyon energy can bring about the original blueprint frequency of your being, remove energy blockages, and do so much more. And the Tachyon rods are made in such a way that they constantly emit this energy so that we can tune ourselves with it and use it in all the ways our imagination can come up with, because these directly respond to commands we give to the energy. In this review I will do my best to details some of the different ways these rods can be used, and why I absolutely recommend them to basically anyone. They are just THAT great.

One of the things I love the most about these energy wands is that pretty much anyone can feel the energy being emitted by them. The moment you hold them in your hands and start paying attention to your hands, you notice a slight buzzing, like a tiny vibration going through your hands, almost as if there is an electric current going through your hands. And by communicating different intentions, it is possible to accentuate this feeling. I have tested with countless people and still haven’t had a single person tell me they don’t feel anything. It’s really noticeable, in the best possible way. Like a tiny hand massage. But as you use the rods more and more, you can get the vibration to travel all your body, clearing energy blockages of all sorts, increasing available cellular energy, opening up closed pathways, augmenting different functions and acquire different spiritual capabilities as well. Let’s go over the different ways this is possible!

How to use Tachyon Illumination Rods?

Clearing energy blockages

Though they work at a distance, at first it is better for most people to work with the rods while holding them in your hands. You will feel it a lot more, this way. So the first step is to hold the rods in your hands, and feel the tachyon energy going through them. Then, what you do is just say in your mind or out loud “Tachyon rods, increase energy” and notice the energy being increased. When it does, just say Thank you. And just do it again. Increase the energy even more. Then ask the energy to increase to the point your whole body feels it with a command such as “Tachyon rods, spread energy throughout my body.” And once you start feeling it go everywhere, once again just say thank you. And then you can pretty much say whatever command you want and it will assist you in accordance to the guidance you give it. So you can then go and ask the energy to clear all the energy blockages in your system. You can be specific and ask the energy to go through a particular place in your body. You can ask the energy to fuel all the cells in your body so that you have increased cellular functions, you can literally do anything your imagination can come up with. And you will feel it happening. It’s so wonderful when it happens, I really can’t fully describe it without you experiencing it first.


Since the Tachyon energy is quantum in nature, it is highly connected to the field of information that connects everything together. Because of this, when you hold the Tachyon energy wands you are in a way tapping into that field containing everything there is, and therefore pulling it to you becomes much easier and accelerated. I’d really recommend reading the book from Dr. Joe Dispenza Becoming supernatural, as it explains the manifestation process in real, tangible terms like nothing else does. And with the Tachyon energy pulsating out of the illumination rods, every technique to manifest something you truly want get amplified so that you get it at an accelerated rate. It is truly incredible. A good way to use them would be to say something like “Tachyon rods, increase the manifestation potential of my being right now” “Increase it even more” “And even more.” And then start feeling an elevated emotion, such as gratitude (Which the rods can help you with, once again, just ask haha!). Then you could follow this elevated emotion with a phrase like “I now command the manifestation of __________ in the highest and best purpose of my spirit” “Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.”  And then drop any expectations of anything happening, so that you trust your higher mind to bring you what it is you best need in the best possible way. Because the thing you asked for in the manifestation may be a limitation compared to the grandiose life that could be waiting for you if you didn’t insist it happens one particular way! But remember that if you feel like changing anything in that process, then by all means do so! The more creative you are with these things, the better it is. There is no “one way”. Make whatever way you prefer your own!

Amplification of Any Healing Modalities

If you are already doing some form of energy healing, then these rods can be beneficial in augmenting and amplifying the power of what you are doing. You could have your clients hold the rods in their hands while you facilitate the healing, making it easier for them to match the frequency you are emitting during the healing and thus enabling them an easier healing process. Tachyon energy can benefit in all the different healing modalities. It just amplifies every intention you give it. Therefore, you can also use it to charge all sorts of objects you already use, like crystals, medicines, food even. You can charge water with the rods, you can charge food with them to amplify the nutritional value, you can do so much! Here is a photo I took when I used the rods (And some other things as well) to charge what I consider to be the most powerful plant medicine there is in the world: Iboga. I just made this setup the day of a ceremony I facilitated with the Iboga plant medicine and used the rods to charge the Iboga with my intentions as well as the intentions of the people participating in the ceremony. This was the first time I used the rods to charge Iboga, and it was the best ceremony I have ever facilitated. I cannot even put into words the amount of healing that took place in the people who attended this ceremony. It was absolutely phenomenal.

Charging Iboga medicine with Tachyon energy rods

Other Ways the Rods Can Benefit You

Really, these rods can help in so many ways… Many people report reduced fear and anxiety when using the rods. Improved circulation is another big aspect of the rods, so the rods can be very beneficial with people who get cold hands and feet. Just hold them and you will feel the blood flow increase and the temperature regulating. You can use the rods in silent meditations also as a means to amplify the meditation you already practice just to make everything better. You can use the rods to clear headaches, to alleviate eye fatigue, to alleviate pain in different areas of the body. As I stated earlier, you can charge and amplify different objects, pendants, medicines, etc. with it. And above everything else, you can use your imagination to come up with new ways of using the rods that are unique to you. This is what I love the most about these rods. They in a way become an extension of who you are, and so through your creativity you can create amazing ways to use them!

  • List of benefits you can expect from the Tachyon Power Wands.
  • Increased energy
  • Increased spiritual capabilities
  • Pineal gland decalcification
  • The ability to feel energy more
  • Clearing different physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks
  • Amplification of healing work
  • Better connection to Source
  • Elevated emotions more easily accessed
  • Accelerated manifestations
  • Improved circulation, especially good for people with cold hands and feet
  • Improved meditations
  • Improved creativity
  • Better access to a state of flow
  • And so much more!


As you can see, I absolutely love the Tachyon Illumination Rods. I truly feel like everyone can benefit from these, and improve their lives in ways impossible to describe with human words. If you are interested in buying these rods, you can do so by visiting the following website and use the coupon code “passion” to get a $10 discount off the listed price. https://tachyonwellnesssedona.com/product/source-love-mega-wands-7/

Thank you for reading my review of the Tachyon Illumination Rods! May you have an amazing day filled with surprises that will make you more in love with life, more abundant in the things you prefer and more in tune with who you really are.

Together we are diving in the Streams of Abundance, spreading Love, Freedom and Health wherever we go!

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