The bird who couldn’t fly

Once upon a time, there was a little bird unlike any other. He was part of a big jungle community of birds of all sorts, of all colors. And yet he felt isolated. The reason being… He had no wings. He could see all these other birds flying around, graciously, free. But he was always dependant on others to get anywhere. A lot of his days were spent dreaming. He didn’t understand why these birds, who could go anywhere they wanted, chose to stay. They had the freedom he was looking for, and yet they didn’t seem to be using it fully! If only he had wings, he’d show them! He’d lead the way to discover new territories, lead into the unknown, fly past the big trees and the leaves. Past the boundaries of what others considered “normal”. Yes, he would show them. But… With no wings… It was impossible for him to do so, and he was really sad.

He tried many times to extend his wings like others were doing. But deep down he knew how futile that was. We could clearly see he had no wings anyway… One day, he decided he would do it anyway. He would go explore the unknown jumping from branches to branches. He would walk across, miles after miles if need be. But he would discover something. He would live his story. He just couldn’t sit and do nothing anymore. Anything but that. So he told some of his relatives about his upcoming journey. They thought he had lost it. They all tried to reason him, to make him understand his imagination could be used here to, that he didn’t have to risk losing what he had here. But the wingless bird was not giving up. And so he went.

And he jumped from branches to branches. A few hiccups here and there. But he was actually good at this. Better than he anticipated. It was really interesting at first, seeing the new flowers, the new insects, new tastes, new smells. But at some point, he arrived somewhere that seemed impossible for him. There was a large and wide pit. The jump would be twice as much as his current best. And to go around it would take him weeks. His thoughts were spinning. What to do? He decided he’d go for it. He would attempt the jump.

So he took a deep breath, prepared his tiny muscles, and started running. He went faster than ever before. Took his leap, the most perfect jump he’d ever taken before. He had a rush of energy. A feeling he could succeed, the other side was coming closer and closer! Time slowed down for him, as he approached the other side. Even the wind seemed to be helping him, pushing him. And suddenly, he realized something… Something terrible. He was not going to make it. The cliff was higher than he was. Oh no!!! Panic mode. But suddenly a thought resonated from deep inside. The thought had a voice louder than ever before. Louder than when he decided to leave, louder than the isolation he was feeling, louder than the fear of others who didn’t believe in him. And that voice was saying… USE YOUR WINGS! And just like that, as he was free-falling in the depth of the pit, he extended his wings and took flight. He couldn’t believe it. He actually knew how to fly! How did it happen? He didn’t understand. But there is one thing he knew. He was so grateful. It didn’t matter what kind of magic happened to make him grow wings. He was free. All he had to do was take action and keep walking what he knew was true. Then everything fell into place.

Story goes the bird then returned to his community, and everyone was bewildered at the fact he now had wings. He told them they are the result of going into the unknown. He asked them to join him on the upcoming journey. The journey of his dreams. And they did. And another adventure began!

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